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2.1 Sedna Directory Structure

The Sedna directory hierarchy is fundamental to obtaining an overall understanding of the system. Below SEDNA_INSTALL refers to the directory where Sedna is installed. The directory structures are identical on all supported platforms.

SEDNA_INSTALL/bin       command line utilities for managing  
                        Sedna and databases, running queries, etc.  
SEDNA_INSTALL/cfg       database configuration files named  
                        <db_name>_cfg.xml, where <db_name> is  
                        the name of the corresponding database  
SEDNA_INSTALL/data      database data stored in subdirectories  
                        named <db_name>_files, where <db_name>  
                        is the name of the corresponding database  
SEDNA_INSTALL/lib       database-independent libraries of external  
                        database-specific libraries of external  
SEDNA_INSTALL/doc       Sedna documentation  
SEDNA_INSTALL/driver    API drivers for various programming  
SEDNA_INSTALL/include   include files  
SEDNA_INSTALL/etc       Sedna configure sample file  
SEDNA_INSTALL/examples  example databases and applications for  
                        the Sedna APIs  
SEDNA_INSTALL/share     Sedna database metadata files (currently  
                        only database users and privileges  

For the installation instructions see the INSTALL file shipped with the Sedna distribution.