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2.7 The Examples of Using Command Line Utilities

In this section we present several examples of using the utilities described in the previous sections. These examples demonstrate how to create the database, run the Sedna server and the database, load documents into the database, run the query over the database, and finally stop Sedna.

To run Sedna, type the following command:


For creating a database named xmark with default settings use the following command:

se_cdb xmark

After execution of these commands the created database can be started up. To do it, type the following command:

se_sm xmark

The xmark database is ready for serving user queries. Below we show how to load an XML document to the xmark database and how to write a queries over this document.

To load the XML document into the xmark database, pass the following steps:

  1. Create the following file with name load.xquery:
    LOAD "<path>" "<name>"

    The <path> is the path to the XML document to be loaded to the xmark database. The <name> is the name of this document in the xmark database.

  2. Run the command:
    se_term -file load.xquery xmark

  3. Create the following file with name query1.xquery:

    Where <name> is the name of the loaded document in the xmark database.

  4. Type the command and enter it:
    se_term -file query1.xquery xmark

To stop Sedna and all its components and databases, type and enter the following command: