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Latest Release

For information on installation, see Sedna Installation Guide or INSTALL file which is distributed with any of provided packages.
If you have problems downloading Sedna, use the mirror at

File Name: Type: Platform: Size: MD5:


Built on: Windows Server 2008 R2
Compiler: Visual Studio 2010
sedna-3.5.161-bin-win-x64.tar.gzBinariesx644.9 MBmd5
sedna-3.5.161-bin-win-x86.tar.gzBinariesx864.3 MBmd5
sedna-3.5.161-src-win.tar.gzSourcesx64, x863.6 MBmd5


Built on: Debian Lenny
Compiler: GCC 4.3.2 (glibc 2.7)
Notes: libstdc++ 6.0.9, glibc 2.3 or compatible are required to run dynamic binaries. Static build is not recommended since there is no guarantee on Linux that it will work properly if the system is not the same with the one it was built on.
sedna-3.5.161-bin-linux-x64.shBinariesx646.5 MBmd5
sedna-3.5.161-bin-linux-x86.shBinariesx866.2 MBmd5
sedna-3.5.161-bin-linux-static-x64.shBinaries, Staticx6412.5 MBmd5
sedna-3.5.161-bin-linux-static-x86.shBinaries, Staticx8611.5 MBmd5
sedna-3.5.161-src-linux.tar.gzSourcesx64, x86, ppc3.4 MBmd5

Mac OS

Built on: Mac OS 10.6.3 (x64), Mac OS 10.4.5 (x86)
Compiler: GCC 4.2.1 (x64), GCC 4.0.1 (x86)
sedna-3.5.161-bin-darwin-x64.shBinariesx645.7 MBmd5
sedna-3.5.161-bin-darwin-i386.shBinariesx866.0 MBmd5
sedna-3.5.161-src-darwin.tar.gzSourcesx64, x86, ppc3.6 MBmd5


Built on: FreeBSD 8.0 (x64), FreeBSD 7.1 (x86)
Compiler: GCC 4.2.1
Notes: to run Sedna you need to adjust system configuration. Refer to the Sedna Installation Guide, Post-Installation Setup section for more information.
sedna-3.5.161-bin-freebsd-static-x64.shBinaries, Staticx6412.5 MBmd5
sedna-3.5.161-bin-freebsd-static-i386.shBinaries, Staticx8611.5 MBmd5
sedna-3.5.161-src-freebsd.tar.gzSourcesx64, x86, ppc3.4 MBmd5


Built on: Solaris 10
Compiler: GCC 3.4.3
sedna-3.5.161-bin-sunos-x64.shBinariesx646.9 MBmd5
sedna-3.5.161-bin-sunos-i386.shBinariesx866.4 MBmd5
sedna-3.5.161-src-sunos.tar.gzSourcesx64, x863.4 MBmd5

Drivers, Modules and Tools

Sedna drivers for C, Java and Scheme languages are shipped with any Sedna package.
Also the following contributed drivers, modules and tools are available:

Language: Name: Type: Support: Author:
Java Sedna XQJ API Driver + Charles Foster
Java Sedna XML:DB API Driver + Charles Foster
Python Python API Driver + Sedna Team
- mod_sedna v.1.5 Apache HTTP Server Module + Sedna Team
Java SednaAdmin Admin GUI, Web Admin GUI + Flávio R. C. Sousa
Python zif.sedna Driver + Jim Washington
C# .NET API (sources/svn) Driver Mindtouch, John Wood
PHP PHP API Driver + Sedna Team
Scheme Sedna API for Chicken Scheme Chicken Egg + Felix Winkelmann
Python SednaPy (DBAPI 2.0) Driver Steve Howe
- SDBAdmin (for Windows) Admin GUI Tony Scott
Delphi Delphi API for Sedna Driver + Alexander Kardailsky
Ruby Ruby API for Sedna Driver Rolf Timmermans
Perl Perl API for Sedna Driver + Daniel Ruoso
Catalyst Catalyst Model for Sedna Adapter + Daniel Ruoso
Component Pascal BlackBox Subsystem for Sedna Driver + Eugene Temirgaleev
Haskell Haskell Bindings Driver Eric Jones

Complete List of Downloads

Previous Sedna builds are available for download at this link.

The latest development Sedna build can be found at this link.
Please, note that night build can be unstable. For stable version see the latest release above.

You can also browse all available downloads.