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Getting Started

Sedna Installation Guide
Quick Start
Getting Started With C API for Sedna
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Official XQuery Site

Sedna Guides

Programmer's Guide[HTML (entirely on one page)  |  PDF]
Administration Guide[HTML (entirely on one page)  |  PDF]
Javadoc for Sedna's Java API

XQJ and XML:DB Drivers by Charles Foster

XML:DB API Home Page
XQJ Home Page
XQJ Tutorial
XML:DB API Examples
Javadoc for XML:DB API
Javadoc for XQJ

Sedna Internals

Client/server protocol[HTML (entirely on one page)  |  PDF]
Internals Overview (video)
Architecture Overview (slides)
XQuery Triggers (slides)
Executor Internals (slides)
Transactions and Recovery (slides)
Query Parser & Optimizing Rewriter (slides)
Internal Representation (slides)
Memory Management (slides)