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About Sedna

Sedna is a free native XML database which provides a full range of core database services - persistent storage, ACID transactions, security, indices, hot backup. Flexible XML processing facilities include W3C XQuery implementation, tight integration of XQuery with full-text search facilities and a node-level update language.
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Available for Windows, Linux, MacOS X, FreeBSD, Solaris (x86/x64)
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Basic Features
  • Available for free in open source form under Apache License 2.0
  • Native XML database system implemented in C/C++
  • Support for W3C XQuery language validated by W3C XQuery Test Suite
  • Full-text search indices (native or based on dtSearch) »
  • Support for a declarative node-level update language »
  • Support for ACID transactions
  • Support for fine-grained XML triggers »
  • Incremental hot backup »
  • Indices (based on B-tree) »
  • Support for Unicode (utf8)
  • SQL connection from XQuery »
  • XQuery external functions implemented in C »
  • Database security (users, roles and privileges) »
Application Programming

The following drivers are available from the download page:

  • API for Java/C/PHP/Python/Ruby/Perl/Delphi/C# and more
  • XQJ and XML:DB drivers for Java
  • Module for Integration with Apache HTTP server


If you want to report a bug, use the bug tracker system.

If you need help, read firstly FAQ and Sedna Documentation. If you still need support or simply want to receive the latest news about Sedna and exchange information, join the Sedna mailing list.

For convenience Gmane interface for the discussion list is available to post or read previously posted messages.

And lastly, you can contact us directly:

Getting Started »
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) »
Programmer's Guide »
Administration Guide »
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Latest News
Sedna 3.5 Released  »
Eric Jones shared initial version of Haskell bindings  »
BlackBox Subsytem for Sedna Released  »
Sedna 3.4 Released  »
Brett Zamir completed first version of Sedna in Firefox add-on  »
Ilya Taranov gave a talk on Sedna Internals at SIGMOD 2010  »
Perl Driver and Catalyst Adapter for Sedna by Daniel Ruoso Released  »
Sedna XQJ Beta 1 Released  »
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