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2.1 XQuery Support

The Sedna query language is XQuery [3] developed by W3C. Sedna conforms to January 2007 specification of XQuery except the following features:

  • copy-namespaces declaration works only in preserve, inherit mode regardless of actual prolog values;
  • fn:normalize-unicode function is not conformant (it always returns the same string or raises exception);
  • External variables are not supported. However they are supported by XQJ driver by Charles Foster (see download page);
  • Regular expressions (e.g. fn:matches() use them) are based on PCRE [7] syntax which differs from the one defined in W3C specifications.

Sedna also has full support for two optional XQuery features:

  • Full Axis. The following optional axes are supported: ancestor, ancestor-or-self, following, following-sibling, preceding, and preceding-sibling;
  • Module Feature allows a query Prolog to contain a Module Import and allows library modules to be created.

Sedna passes ”XML Query Test Suite (XQTS)” and has official ”almost passed” status. The detailed report can be found at