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2.6 Event Log

Sedna keeps track of all important events that happen during its functioning. This section describes where log files are located and how to configure Sedna logging capabilities.

  2.6.1 Files
  2.6.2 Severity Level Configuration
2.6.1 Files

Log files are located in the same folder where Sedna stores databases (see section 2.1, Sedna Directory Structure). By default it means that you can find event log files in SEDNA_INSTALL/data. Latest log file is named event.log. Sedna also stores old event log files which are named event-{data}.log.

2.6.2 Severity Level Configuration

Sedna provides a flexible way to set severity level of the logging output. It can be done either through se_gov command line parameter:

se_gov -el-level number

or defined in sednaconf.xml (see section 2.2.3, Configuring Sedna):


The following severity levels are available:


0 Event logging off.

1 Logs fatal errors that caused all database sessions to abort.

2 Logs all errors and warnings.

3 Logs detailed information (queries, IO statistics, etc).

4 Logs successively-more-detailed information for use by developers.